“Esta mañana fue difícil
colocarme la máscara
No lograba encajarla conmigo
Tal vez llegó el momento
de cambiarla.”
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“Voy a recorrer todo tu cuerpo en lo ancho de mi cama, sin desperdiciar ningún espacio ni centímetro de tu deliciosa piel.”
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“Bésame hasta que yo sea el que se muera de ganas por llevarte a mi habitación.”
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Carina Nebula
Rosette Nebula
Heart Nebula
Fairy Pillar Nebula
Orion Nebula
Eagle Nebula
Flame Vista Nebula
Crab Nebula

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When niel and l.joe play rock, paper, scissors

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That “I just woke up” face

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140918 Teen Top MCD Begins Backstage [eng trans]

—Who are these not easy guys?
—Who are the guys in these black suits?
narrator: Who could these guys be?
—It can’t be the new crew..
—It’s Teen Top!
narrator: Ah, it’s Teen Top!
Chunji: Manliness! I think you’ll be able to see our maturity..
—Where is Teen Top’s knife-like choreography?
narrator: Putting aside their knife-like choreography for a bit, have you eaten the fruits of emotion?
—Dressed in emotions, Teen Top is back as fatal men
—Just like their song, Teen Top are not easy guys
PD: Hello!
—What… Why so awkward?
Chunji: Hello. I think I came here at the wrong time
—Where are you going? Come back~
Chunji: We will be sexy (?) We’ll show you sexiness
—A somewhat burdened pledge
Chunji: Cap hyung is really sexy
—Quickly throwing the baton to leader Cap!
—Hmm… He seems to be showing something…
Cap: In our team Niel is the sexy one
—Immediately praising the sexiness of Niel who is right beside him
Cap: In our team Niel is the sexy one
—Niel forced to show his sexiness for the sake of others
Cap: He’s in charge of his own kind of sexy. Please take a look!
—Don’t be like this to me…
—Ah! A camera!
narrator: Changjo, why are you also being like this?
—You’re not supposed to run away! What is wrong with these kids…
PD: Everyone is ignoring the cameras
Changjo: (His response is) No, I’m not ignoring it…
Chunji: What? I have to fix something?
—Whaa~ Whaa~ What is this bad acting~
—Slowly the members disappear, leaving only Changjo
Changjo: Yes, mom?
—Mom… The camera is filming me… Scary…
PD: Any stories to tell from the MV shoot?
—Speaking of MV stories… Niel it is!
Changjo: Stories? Niel hyung has some! Let’s go see Niel hyung
—To Niel Go Go~!
Changjo: Tell them some stories
Niel: What stories do you want now!
Changjo: From the music video
—Yes! Doing good Changjo~!
Changjo: After shooting it you said you had some stories to tell
—Stories.. Who said I had any…?
Niel: Speaking of MV stories, there was the kiss scene
—Let’s try to interview the lead of the kiss scene, L.Joe!
Niel: You had 186 NGs while filming it..
Ljoe: We filmed once for each camera (?)
—Taken aback
—A sad scene is just another thing for the guys to tease with
Changjo: It took 10 minutes to shoot the kiss scene
Ljoe: You weren’t there!
—Even if Changjo wasn’t there, many people have already seen L.Joe’s kiss scene
narrator: Doesn’t matter, you did good
—Making excuses
Ljoe: There were no feelings involved. Putting feelings aside, I just focused on the scene
—Ah this is useless~
Chunji: Lies! Don’t be ridiculous!
Cap: (What did the actress do wrong?) You said she was really good…
Ljoe: Good at what?
—Shooting the kiss scene twice is causing such havoc
Cap: Acting
Ljoe: I have no idea, what it felt like, I don’t know. I have to go!
—In this kind of situation, running away is the best thing!
—These guys are not easy~ not easy~
narrator: I knew it, like the rumors said, these guys were not easy
—Ah… I wanna go home
narrator: MPD, I’m sorry I couldn’t save you

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